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We study your brand and audience intensively -- Start by answering a couple of questions that feed our hungry AI-engine with the data it needs to figure out what makes your brand tick and your audiences react.


Post / Ad scheduling

We distribute your creations at the perfect time -- Now set up your scheduling and platform configurations and we’ll use them alongside our audience analysis capabilities to find the optimal day, time, platform and hashtags for maximum exposure and engagement.

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We automate customized content and designs -- Then sit back and see how we create the perfect designs and content for your brand while constantly analyzing your audience’s reactions so that we improve from iteration to iteration. 

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We learn and provide AI-driven recommendations -- Perfect your social game with  valuable insights and then watch our platform improve from post to post as it learns which content, designs and distribution tactics that get you the best results

We Get LinkedIn

Spark discussions and brand awareness with bespoke social assets built specifically for LinkedIn etiquette. 

We Understand Facebook

Empower your brand with unique visuals and content catering to the tastes of your Facebook community.

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Social Media

Meet your customers where they are

On average people spend 2.5 hours each day socializing and networking on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. 


With Passparto it’s easy to grow and engage your community with fully automated, high-quality social assets that deliver stunning visuals and content that connects! 

What You Get With Passparto

Professional-Grade Social Media Assets



Frequently Asked Questions

Will Passparto Ask Me Questions In My Area Of Expertise?

Absolutely. We understand the importance of relevant information & work very hard to create value for you and your audience.

Do I Have To Log On To My Facebook To Post Content Created By Passparto?

No. Our platform is connected to your account, allowing you to create & manage your content without the need of directly logging on to Facebook.

Does Your Service Include Hashtags?

Yes! Hashtages have become an important tool on Facebook, so sit back and relax:)

Can I Delete Or Edit My Post?

Yes, you can. Enter passparto’s dashboard, its easy & simple to use.

What About LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter And Other Networks?

We’re on it. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about Passparto’s progress.


Beautiful Designs

Automate the creation of professionally designed images suited to the field you specialize in. 

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Compelling Content

Get your message across with content for your visuals and posts that speak directly to the hearts and minds of your audiences, no expensive copywriter needed. 

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Targeted Distribution

Grow your community with relevant, trending hashtags so that your messages get in front of the audiences that want to see them.


Advanced Scheduling

Take care of your entire content calendar at once using AI-driven scheduling that coordinates publishing at the dates and times that your audiences are online.


Smart Publishing

Publish your content across all your social media accounts at once.

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AI Tech

Get better results and recommendations on content that generates engagement. Our AI engine learns your audience’s preferences so that the more you use Passparto the better we get.

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Gamified Customization

Beautiful, custom designs and content built according to ongoing, in-depth analysis of gamified questionnaires. 

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Flexible Pricing

Choose from a wide range of pricing packages to suit the needs and budget of any business.

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Passparto Tools

Content creates leads

Content is King, we all know that. Passparto allows you to generate real leads by giving your audience practical value. 

Your journey starts by giving away information that helps build a relationship with your consumer before you make a deal.


Our Team

Meet The Team


Michael Berg

CEO and Founder

Amit Maslaton

CTO at Passparto

Amit and Michael are on a mission to revolutionize to level the social media playing field so that even small businesses can stand out from the crowd with highly engaging social media assets.


Together, they bring more than 35 years of business and tech experience while they focus on having a good time and building the perfect platform. 


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