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Marketing Using Passparto

Updated: May 12, 2020

With Passparto, You experience Marketing at the Apex of its Excellence

Every day we walk past so many advertisements along the sidewalks, billboards, and random people handing you out a brochure or a leaflet. Have you ever stopped mid-way to just stand and read every bit of it? These classical modes of marketing are now becoming an old wives tale. The key concept that any blooming entrepreneur must know is that marketing is the ultimate elixir of success for your brand.

Our dearest entrepreneur, Jules Verne once said “It’s really useful to travel, if you want to see new things.”

In this time and space travelling is much easier than it was back in the days when Mr. Fogg took on that exciting wager. The world was echoing with our fame or eccentricity but as they say that there is something good in eccentricity.” But if you still do that wager in same way we did, then my child you are not eccentric, you are.. how to put it politely… dim.  This is the era of working smart not hard and the only currency that is timeless is the time itself.

If you resort to classical ways of marketing in this time, you are basically running against a Formula 1 in a Victorian carriage.  Mr.Fog used to say “A minimum put to good use is enough for anything.” So our young excited adventurers! How are you to win this race of mind over matter? Let us help you put a perspective in front of you.

Ehem.. *clearing throat in French*


You see Monsieur and Mademoiselle, You and around three billion people like you are constantly attached to these screens in front of you. Scrolling your days into oblivion, not even realizing how you all have rendered this global distance as a mere fact rather than a limitation.

Just like your crazy friend from Jamaica and your meme buddy from India and the exotic Spanish guy that you follow on Instagram because those blue eyes are the entire Caspian sea in a drop.. Yes! you are  also accessing their markets at the same time.

Now think about this. About 52% of the Web traffic generated worldwide is mobile. (Statista, 2020) and guess what ! 46% American check their phones as soon as they wake up! (Tech Times, 2017). Not only that ! Research says that over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google, 2018)

You see why it is the best investment to go in this digital marketing? Still not convinced? It is our dearies… ECO FRIENDLY! See! We knew you are the part of the WOKE generation J

Since you have decided to take that route and be adventurous, we suggest you don’t jump into this rabbit hole without a parachute. You see here at Passparto we don’t only hand you down the rope but equip you up with some 007-esque spy gear that will aid you in infiltrating the global markets without even trying as hard as squashing a fly.. wait.. That is actually annoying.. Let’s say it’s more like your butler serving you your best English tea. That Sounds blissful, doesn’t it? Once you have boarded the train of “MY BUISSNESS, MY RULEs” .. Well that is how this old French Butler makes coherence of these modern day LIT slangs. You will see that from this day onwards your sole mantra would be MARKETING …. MARKETING ….MARKETING…. ! Our energetic adventurer, while being all excited and enthusiastic there is a third emotion that you will be met by in this ever expanding journey of yours. It is called being overwhelmed. Once that hits, you lose all your sense of directions and that is where your Passparto comes in.

Jean Passpartout vividly remarked when Mr. Fogg told him that they were leaving and in overwhelming excitement, Passpartout completely forgot to turn of the gas lamp on their way out. The New Passparto doesn’t want that happening to you!!

Let us make a little check list now

1: Creating Content.

From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn and all other social media platforms, you need your content to be custom designed for each social media outlet. Here at Passparto, the automated content generator is extremely efficient in creating customized contents. It is like creating your own brand manager. Once you are registered and all the information required is put into the system it keeps on building up updated content based on how often you use or engage with your brand.

2: Scheduling

Now imagine you have the perfect blend of innovative ideas and images that you want to display but it always ends up being messy like a toddler’s coloring book?

What if you can add the basic information in and by the time you have your tea, Passparto serves it with a sizzling slice of freshly baked creative content?

One of the most intriguing thing that the digital studies have shown is the posts that were made post 11pm tend to attract more engagement than those made in the morning.  You cannot keep a timer on when to post or wait till the nest boosting. It is insane or in-evidently will drive you insane. Keeping up a schedule is not a stunt that anyone can pull off! Mr Jean Passparto from Around the world in 80 days can tell that well because he caused a lot of ships to miss.. not one of the proudest moments he knew but he got high on Opium in China with detective inspector Mr. Fix ! Please don’t do that, we assure you it is not worth it. *sigh* In case you plan on party hard, here at Passparto we will help you keep on track by creating a custom schedule for your brands campaign so you don’t have to regret partying like Jean Passparto did.

3: Publishing Here is another secret of this modern trade, which is, to Publish but with caution! Posting is good but an access of it is, in fact very annoying. A brand should know that any business is bankrupt if it does not market its brand, product or services but overdoing it kills the brand as well. Let your Passparto make sure that you publish constantly and timely on all your social media platforms ensuring a simultaneous growth on all digital fronts. Why juggle your life and work when you have your own automated virtual butler at your service. Choose the best and take some rest!

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