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Passparto – The Digital Marketing Connoisseur

Have you been thinking about quitting your 9-5 job for a day and being your own boss?  But the thought of being your own employ sucks now, doesn’t it? Would you care for a server of your own? In this era of E-commerce and social media marketing, which has made reaching out to your targeted audience easier yet trying to keep up with the extensively widespread platform of the World Wide Web is quite overwhelming. What if you could focus on your product, and your very own team of social media takes care of all of these hassles? What exactly is Passparto? Remember what Jules Verne remarked in the book Around the world in eighty days? He maintained that “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” This is what you are going to encounter at the flourishing panorama of Passparto, you just plan, we just do! We are here to turn your can’ts into cans. We have you covered with the best virtual butler in the town to take care of all your social media marketing and content creating needs. We provide you with an automated content creation and its distribution. So that you can create, schedule, and post-high-quality content for your campaign. Imagine being able to be on top of your game on all the trending social media outlets all at once! And all you had to do was ring the bell and get ready to be the talk of the town. Let’s make that a reality, Passparto can let you sit back and relax while being in action for you. A Tour through Passparto: Greetings Monsieur and Mademoiseulle! I am Jean Passepertout. Or these days the way I like to go is as Passparto. I believe it adds a bit of UMPH factor to the boring old French butler profile. Don’t you think with this I can keep up with the Kardashians? Never mind that… I am just an old adventurer, and these pop-culture shenanigans are better left to the professionals.  I am known for my exciting adventures with Mr. Fogg as we explored the world in eighty days…. Well…more like 78 days to be precise. It seems that I am efficient, not trying to brag, but two days earlier is a big leap. Mr. Phileas Fogg vouches for my credibility but, much importantly, my loyalty to my masters. I serve to please. I am a man of many talents, and with my last expedition, I am a man of the world. When I came to Mr. Fogg, I was just tired of all the travel and was looking for something grounding and stable. We all know how that first day at the job turned out. One minute I was unpacking in my newly acquired quarters in London, the next thing I know is that my master, who is known to never break his monotonous but eccentric routine, suddenly decides to travel the world. The WORLD. From England to Egypt, then to India! From there onwards, we went to China, Hong Kong, Japan, and then from America back to England! Mind you, it was not easy minding our business if you know what I mean. On the contrary, I found my master an amazing wife, and he is blissfully happy. Do you want to carve your own path and explore this ever-expanding and the ever-connected world? Now that my job there seems to be done, the last adventure has left me with a new vigor for life, and I am very much keen to see a new eccentric adventurer who is as excited to not only explore but also engages with the world. I assure you that teaming up with one of the best virtual butler in the entire World Wide Web will make sure that you hit all of you marketing targets without going all Mad-hatter about it. It is amazing how times have changed, and finally, I am able to take the time to get down from those horses. You see, to achieve your targets, you must identify them. Once identified, it will be much easier for you to engage them and market your brand right there and then. Remember that there was an era where being a door to door salesman was all the rage, but guess what? You don’t have to do that kind of investment to make your product and services known. You might not have the good old French butler by your side to run errands, but you have something even more efficient at your fingertips as you read. Passparto does the trick for you! Our Objectives: Here at Passparto there is an entire team to help and supervise as you grow your enterprise. They will remain by your side and will constantly be present to manage your content creating and marketing adventures unless you plan on saving a woman from being Sati. Just saying that here we are up for anything as long as it can be done on this wonderful virtual world of the internet. We understand that breaking the monotony is hard, and executing your plans is not an easy feat.  Graphic designers, copywriters, and distributers they all can make this idea of yours, too overwhelming that one might panic and lose hope. All these time consuming and expensive tasks are so pain sticking that they drain all the enthusiasm and fun out of work. The chance which had then been lost may present itself now, here at Passparto. Fortune favors the smartest, and Its high time to grab the reins of Passpartout to save your fortune WHY Pick Passparto? -Authentic
-Just the way you want!

None can gainsay the fact that the times we are in, demand efficiency and time is undoubtedly the true currency. With our services you will find yourself more in tune with the creative process. Passparto makes sure you are fully integrated and have total control over the marketing campaign while being able to relax as we run in background. With the help of our team you will be at the top of your game when it comes to engaging and influencing your targeted audience and potential buyers or clients. Social media will serve as the ultimate gateway to instant marketing. It is basically your one stop shop when it comes to catering all of your social media marketing. With three billion people engaged on social networking sites across the globe your avenues to reach them are infinite. The quintessence of all about Passpartois that its pivot is focused on you. We ask a few basic questions and build up the content as we acquire more insight into your project with continuous use. We are here to guide you and watch your business evolve from a small exciting adventure to a fully established empire as your partners. We are in for the long haul. Let’s go around the globe together!

Digital Marketing During Corona Days

Marketing in the 21st Century: Has Something Changed? The era of globalization, featuring the trend of universal connectivity, has revolutionized the world of advertisement. Gone are the days when people spent their leisure hours glued to the television screens. Advancement in technology has reformed the patterns of disseminating information through media outlets. Humans of the ultra-modern century have long bid farewell to the traditional means of informing and entertaining themselves. The spell of post-modernization has not only been cast on the world of media but also has innovated the mode of advertisement. Ask yourself, how often do you rely on the commercial advertisements to make a fine purchase? Several minutes long television advertisements are history now, nor do companies use radio ads to put their products on the map anymore. The world of marketing has witnessed a sea change in the last decade, and social media marketing is all the rage these days. Internet marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc. is the pill of success for businesses. Yes, Your Business Needs Digital Marketing Too! Let us get this clear to you. Fancy it or not, joining the digital marketing bandwagon is an inevitable requirement for the thriving of your business. In an era where every Tom, Dick, and Harry is mastering the use of technology, shying away from the latest marketing trends might hamper your company’s growth. Technological advancements help businesses dodge a bullet whenever in dire straits. This means that to compete with other prosperous companies out there, your company’s marketing strategies should also be digitalized. Assessing the advantages of digital marketing at a glance would reveal its utility in terms of cost, time, impact, reach, and interactivity. However, in the wake of the ongoing health circumstances of the world, digital marketing appears to help a great deal to save your business. The Global Pandemic; a Call for Digital Marketing The outbreak of COVID-19 has shaken every sector of the global sphere. Talking about the charms of globalization, we never realized that as much as the world is integrated for good, it is equally fused to spread the negative too. Global lockdown and shutting down of markets has collapsed the worldwide economy as well as has threatened the growth of your business. We’ll say it loud and clear! A triumphant business is all about growth, innovation, and adaptability. Hence, any day wasted is a million steps back, and you would never choose that for your dream business. Let us remind you of Jonathan Winters’ words, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!“ Your beloved customers are quarantined, and your business outlets have ceased to operate. Yet we would remind you of the use of technology to swim you across the dangerous waters. Digital marketing is the only way you can deal with the current global crisis without letting your business fall prey to the threat of global pandemic. Following are the reasons why digital marketing is hope on the horizon while we face the danger of Coronavirus : For a global pandemic, there needs to be a globalized solution. Digital marketing is boundless, unlimited, and free of any territorial restrictions. Despite the limitations on traveling and transportation, you can keep your customers updated with your latest products or services through the internet. Don’t let them forget about their favorite picks from your brand! Now is the best time to make your business get noticed! There’s no fib in the idiom; Every cloud has a silver lining because it does. Your quarantined consumers are spending most of their time on the internet these days. All they have to escape their boredom is the option to scroll through their Facebook and Instagram. Promote your business; it will catch attention. Business is utterly a deal of risk and unpredictability. You must always stay prepared for any unfavorable circumstances. Unusual situations provide the best opportunity to offer out of ordinary deals. Befriend internet! Produce as many posts as you can and let the desperate buyers know about your excellent deals. Online shopping is even more tempting during quarantine! Connect with your customers; they are your family. Successful businesses do not brush aside Corporate Social Responsibility. Empathizing with your customers is a testimonial of your ethical values. Create digital content that aims at spreading Coronavirus awareness among your customers, and giving them hope during the days of misery. Offering complimentary sanitizers and masks with your delivered products might earn you new customers as well as secure the existing ones. Passparto is here to Save the Day Just as much as you value your clients and customers, Passperto also makes sure to extend an arm of help to ease its customers’ distress. Despite all the limitations of the Coronavirus outbreak, digital marketing is a ray of hope to promote your business. Passparto, a virtual social media manager, is a reliable source to detangle the mesh of your digital marketing struggles. We lift your concerns related to cost, quality, impact, and timing, and offer the most professional solution to your internet marketing problems. Not merely a solution, Passparto is an entire package to take the responsibility of your digital marketing toil. From effective content creation, setting the schedule, and posting the content to running your social media page, we have it all covered. Passparto cares for your time! We know that during the ongoing hassle of Coronavirus, taking care of your digital marketing matters is a good deal of distraction and diversion. You have no time to let yourself stress out over your marketing strategies. Passparto understands that your current priority is devising an efficient plan to cope with the current crises. Hence, it is imperative to lift the burden of marketing and advertisement off your shoulders. So here we are!
Not to forget, Passparto has accumulated years of experience in promoting businesses through effectual digital marketing. We have the most creative team to construct attractive chunks of advertisements for boosting your sales. Nevertheless, our virtual system faces no threat of the Coronavirus outbreak and is free to create innovative content for your marvelous business ideas.

Marketing Using Passparto

With Passparto, You experience Marketing at the Apex of its Excellence Every day we walk past so many advertisements along the sidewalks, billboards, and random people handing you out a brochure or a leaflet. Have you ever stopped mid-way to just stand and read every bit of it? These classical modes of marketing are now becoming an old wives tale. The key concept that any blooming entrepreneur must know is that marketing is the ultimate elixir of success for your brand. Our dearest entrepreneur, Jules Verne once said “It’s really useful to travel, if you want to see new things.” In this time and space travelling is much easier than it was back in the days when Mr. Fogg took on that exciting wager. The world was echoing with our fame or eccentricity but as they say that there is something good in eccentricity.” But if you still do that wager in same way we did, then my child you are not eccentric, you are.. how to put it politely… dim.  This is the era of working smart not hard and the only currency that is timeless is the time itself. If you resort to classical ways of marketing in this time, you are basically running against a Formula 1 in a Victorian carriage.  Mr.Fog used to say “A minimum put to good use is enough for anything.” So our young excited adventurers! How are you to win this race of mind over matter? Let us help you put a perspective in front of you. Ehem.. *clearing throat in French* SOCIAL MEDIA You see Monsieur and Mademoiselle, You and around three billion people like you are constantly attached to these screens in front of you. Scrolling your days into oblivion, not even realizing how you all have rendered this global distance as a mere fact rather than a limitation. Just like your crazy friend from Jamaica and your meme buddy from India and the exotic Spanish guy that you follow on Instagram because those blue eyes are the entire Caspian sea in a drop.. Yes! you are  also accessing their markets at the same time. Now think about this. About 52% of the Web traffic generated worldwide is mobile. (Statista, 2020) and guess what ! 46% American check their phones as soon as they wake up! (Tech Times, 2017). Not only that ! Research says that over 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone. (Google, 2018) You see why it is the best investment to go in this digital marketing?
Still not convinced?
It is our dearies… ECO FRIENDLY!
See! We knew you are the part of the WOKE generation J Since you have decided to take that route and be adventurous, we suggest you don’t jump into this rabbit hole without a parachute. You see here at Passparto we don’t only hand you down the rope but equip you up with some 007-esque spy gear that will aid you in infiltrating the global markets without even trying as hard as squashing a fly.. wait.. That is actually annoying.. Let’s say it’s more like your butler serving you your best English tea. That Sounds blissful, doesn’t it?
Once you have boarded the train of “MY BUISSNESS, MY RULEs” .. Well that is how this old French Butler makes coherence of these modern day LIT slangs. You will see that from this day onwards your sole mantra would be
Our energetic adventurer, while being all excited and enthusiastic there is a third emotion that you will be met by in this ever expanding journey of yours. It is called being overwhelmed. Once that hits, you lose all your sense of directions and that is where your Passparto comes in. Jean Passpartout vividly remarked when Mr. Fogg told him that they were leaving and in overwhelming excitement, Passpartout completely forgot to turn of the gas lamp on their way out. The New Passparto doesn’t want that happening to you!! Let us make a little check list now 1: Creating Content. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to LinkedIn and all other social media platforms, you need your content to be custom designed for each social media outlet. Here at Passparto, the automated content generator is extremely efficient in creating customized contents. It is like creating your own brand manager. Once you are registered and all the information required is put into the system it keeps on building up updated content based on how often you use or engage with your brand. 2: Scheduling Now imagine you have the perfect blend of innovative ideas and images that you want to display but it always ends up being messy like a toddler’s coloring book? What if you can add the basic information in and by the time you have your tea, Passparto serves it with a sizzling slice of freshly baked creative content? One of the most intriguing thing that the digital studies have shown is the posts that were made post 11pm tend to attract more engagement than those made in the morning. 
You cannot keep a timer on when to post or wait till the nest boosting. It is insane or in-evidently will drive you insane. Keeping up a schedule is not a stunt that anyone can pull off! Mr Jean Passparto from Around the world in 80 days can tell that well because he caused a lot of ships to miss.. not one of the proudest moments he knew but he got high on Opium in China with detective inspector Mr. Fix !
Please don’t do that, we assure you it is not worth it. *sigh*
In case you plan on party hard, here at Passparto we will help you keep on track by creating a custom schedule for your brands campaign so you don’t have to regret partying like Jean Passparto did. 3: Publishing
Here is another secret of this modern trade, which is, to Publish but with caution! Posting is good but an access of it is, in fact very annoying. A brand should know that any business is bankrupt if it does not market its brand, product or services but overdoing it kills the brand as well. Let your Passparto make sure that you publish constantly and timely on all your social media platforms ensuring a simultaneous growth on all digital fronts.
Why juggle your life and work when you have your own automated virtual butler at your service. Choose the best and take some rest!